Preventative Dentistry

In order to keep your smile looking its best, routine preventative care is critical. It is also the best way to avoid larger problems and unexpected emergencies. Trust the experienced staff at Hans Family Dental to keep your smile strong! Preventative care includes the following:

Professional Cleanings

Even if you have healthy teeth and gums, your mouth needs to be cleaned from time to time to remove the hard and soft deposits that can cause cavities and gum disease. At your cleaning, our dental hygienists will gently remove these deposits, check your gums, and polish your teeth. They will also perform an oral cancer screening to make sure you mouth is free of any suspicious lesions or bumps.

Digital X-rays

Our digital x-rays contain much lower radiation than traditional dental x-rays. X-rays are necessary to check for problems, such as cavities or infections, that we can’t see from the outside.

Routine Exams

At each exam, Dr. Hans will check your mouth, teeth and gums, as well as your chart and any x-rays. She will clearly explain her findings to you. If any issues with your oral health are found during the exam, our team will go over your options for resolving the issue and work with you to find the best solution.


Sealants offer protection from cavities in the biting surfaces of the back teeth. Placing filling material in the deep grooves of these teeth seals them from the bacteria that can cause decay and provides protection for many years to come. In the past, children’s molars were the only teeth that were sealed. Now we know that adults and children can benefit from sealants in any tooth that has a deep pit or groove.


Fluoride has been proven to strengthen teeth and prevent decay for more than 50 years. The flouride applications offered at our office are both safe and effective. They are beneficial for both children with developing teeth and adults with sensitivity and gum recession.

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